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The Importance of Concreting Footings

Concreting footings are critical when building foundations. The main purpose of footings is to ensure the foundation is properly supported and doesn’t settle before the real work begins. Footings are very critical in areas which have poor soils. If the construction of footing is not properly done, the structural integrity of the building will be severely damaged.

First, the experts will analyze the condition of the soil even before construction of concreting footings. After assessing soil conditions, the right depth and width of the footings will be determined. These dimensions will be chosen based on the size and type of structure that is going to be constructed. Bigger buildings will require deeper footings. Other than the dimensions, the proper placement of footings must also be agreed upon by the pros. If the wrong placement method is chosen, the foundation will not be given proper support and ultimately the structure will be compromised.

Concreting footings may also be required in other projects such as construction of shed bases, decks, pergolas and retaining walls. In any type of construction, strong footings must be chosen to provide the needed support. The footings will spread the weight of the structure to allow the soil to carry the entire load. The type of soil underneath matters because it bears the greatest load. That’s why it should be thoroughly compacted. Digging too deep when constructing the footings can cause huge problems.

There are different types of soils and each affects the type of footings that will be used when building foundations. The expert should check the presumed bearing strengths of various types of soil before constructing the footings. The soil test must be done before any construction process is initiated. You’ll have to work with a reliable contractor and building inspector to help you determine the best concreting footings for the structure.