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When to Consider Building and Repairing Garden Walls

If you have a garden wall in place, it is important to check it from time to time to see if it requires any repairs or rebuilding. The process of building and repairing garden walls can increase the value of a property. It is also important to consider rebuilding a wall that is in bad shape because it is at risk of collapsing and causing severe damage. In fact, an insurance company may deny coverage if a garden wall collapses due to lack of routine maintenance.

If the wall has deteriorated due to aging, you’ll need to hire contractors like us who specialise in building and repairing garden walls. Garden walls may be affected by nearby trees or even an increase in wind load that causes the wall to deteriorate over the years. At times you may need to rebuild the garden wall because you need to make alterations like removing part of the wall in order to pave way for a new getaway. Whatever your reasons, building and repairing garden walls shouldn’t be an overwhelming process.

If you see wide cracks on your garden wall, seek expert advice immediately. Wider cracks on the garden walls may indicate major issues. You may need to rebuild the wall partially or completely. If you try to repoint the cracks instead of establishing the cause of cracking first, you may create greater problems in the future.

Sometimes you’ll need building and repairing garden walls due to damage caused by traffic. If the damage is minor, you’ll see minor scratch marks on the wall. Frost damage can cause horizontal cracks on the garden wall. If you see loose of damaged masonry at the top of the wall, make sure you have it repaired as soon as possible. Consider cutting back climbing plants like ivy because they can damage your garden wall overtime.