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How Brickwork Repairs are done

Brick is known to be one of the most durable materials used in construction. However, if not well maintained brickwork will crack and get damaged leading to serious trouble if not repaired immediately. If you notice deteriorating brickwork in your building, you need to call an expert to establish the underlying cause.

Professionally done brickwork repairs will help to restore the building’s aesthetic appeal and boost property value.

One of the main causes of deteriorating brickwork is poor maintenance. If the mortar joints have decayed due to continuous saturation, they are likely to affect the brickwork. Frost can also cause bricks to get damaged and crumble. If the wrong mortar was used during construction, expect to invest in brickwork repairs soon. Sometimes bricks will bulge or crack due to neighboring trees. An expert is able to step in and identify the cause of damage before beginning any repairs.

Sometimes only minor repointing is required to replace the eroded joints in certain areas. In most old buildings, the mortar is replaced and a more durable choice is used to create a firm bond. Tile stitching can be done to repair cracks on the brickwork in older buildings.

Severely damaged bricks may need to be cut off and replaced. The process of replacing bricks must be done using quality bricks. The issue with second hand bricks is that most of them are usually stained, painted or even damaged. An expert will choose quality replacement bricks that match the existing ones in terms of size, color, texture and durability. The replacement bricks will be laid in the same way and using the same bond.

Brick cleaning is also important but it must be done when there is a need like if you want to remove heavy soiling or paint finishes. A lot can be done during brickwork repairs depending on the extent of damage.